Monitoring of your IT systems ensures availability and continuity of your business. Good monitoring enables a proactive system management, when we can catch and address problems before they escalate and cost you in lost productivity or data. In addition, monitoring allows finding weak components in your system, such as slow database or lagging website. By optimizing those components we will help improving productivity and profitability of your business.

Our monitoring and optimization services include:

  • Service availability monitoring (Website, Mail server, etc.);
  • Server performance monitoring and optimization;
  • Network performance monitoring and optimization;
  • Database performance¬†monitoring and optimization;
  • Backup and security monitoring.

Availability monitoring is a continuous service and there are two levels of service available:

  • Basic Monitoring Package (BMP) includes monitoring of service availability for your website, mail server, and other network services. You receive email notifications on interruption and recovery of the monitored service.
  • Advanced Monitoring Package (AMP) includes BMP and monitoring of your operating systems (event and system logs) for errors, monitoring of backups, periodic review of security. This package comes with an Service Level Agreement (SLA) and we proactively address issues according to the SLA conditions.

Performance and optimization of systems, networks, and databases are usually done upon request.